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Builders Contract Works Insurance
24 October 2013
Builders contract works insurance is important for anyone in the construction industry taking on their own building projects. In this guide we discuss what it covers and why you need it. Read more...

Subcontractors and Insurance
25 March 2013
As a builder you'll be used to taking on subcontractors, but do you know what types of insurance your subbies should have? Do you know what is and isn't covered on your own insurance? Read more...

Electrical Contractors Insurance
19 November 2012
The requirements for electricians are fairly similar to builder's insurance requirements, and in this guide we'll run through all the info you need regarding licensing and worksite requirements. Read more...

Handyman Insurance
24 October 2012
As with builders, handymen need to have certain types of insurance in place to protect themselves and their clients. In this guide we'll take a closer look at these requirements. Read more...

Public Liability Insurance for Builders
30 August 2012
Builders in Australia are can benefit from a range of insurance types. Some are mandatory, whilst others are simply a good form of protection. Read more...

Insurance for a Builder
24 August 2012
As a builder there are plenty of risks that you face every day. Many of these you can manage yourself, but others need to be protected against through insurance. Read more...

Insurance for Carpenters
9 August 2012
Just as builders themselves need insurance, carpenters will also need to consider policies such as public liability, income protection and tool insurance. Read more...

Tradesman Insurance
26 July 2012
Many tradesmen in the building industry are required to hold insurance such as public liability and income protection in order to obtain their licence or get onto the worksite. Read more...

Public Liability for Tradies
27 June 2012
Whether you're a fully licensed builder or just a tradie, public liability insurance is vital for protecting yourself and your business. Read more...

Contract Works Insurance
8 May 2012
We've just updated our page on contract works insurance. This form of insurance is important for all builders responsible for large contracts. Read more...

Builders Insurance Victoria
16 April 2012
Builders in Victoria have a number of different forms of insurance to consider in order to protect themselves, their family and their business. Read more...

Builders Public Liability Insurance
20 February 2012
Public liability insurance covers a builder for any property damage or personal injury they cause whilst undertaking building activities. The policy only covers damages to other people, and not to the builder. Read more...

Public Liability Insurance
25 January 2012
We've just updated our public liability page with some great new information on how public liability works and how the quotes are calculated. Read more...

Trauma Cover for Builders
6 December 2011
Builders can benefit greatly from holding trauma insurance. A critical illness might not kill you, but it will certainly knock you around and keep you off the worksite for months, or potentially years in extreme cases. Read more...

What Insurance do Builders Require?
18 November 2011
Builders are exposed to all sorts of risks. Some of those risks relate to property damage, whilst others relate to personal injury or death - either of members of the general public, the builder's staff and subbies, and of course the builders themselves. Read more...

Builders Insurance Qld
11 November 2011
Builders based in Queensland face many of the same risks and have similar insurance needs to builders based in other states, but there are a few minor differences. Read more...

Insurance for Builders
19 October 2011
There are many types of insurance that builders in Australia should consider. Some types of cover such as public liability will be mandatory for most builders, whilst other types of cover are optional. Read more...

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