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We are the experts when it comes to insuring builders and associated trades throughout Australia.

No matter what your trade is, we have the knowledge and experience to get builders covered with the best premium and the least amount of hassle.

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Why you need Builders Insurance

All tradesman are exposed to financial risk, but as a builder the risks are even higher.

A few builders choose to take the risk, but most smart builders know that insurance is the best way to protect themselves and their families financially.

Builders insurance can help with many of the risks that builders are exposed to.

Builders Public Liability Insurance - Public liability insurance for builders will protect you against the financial risk of causing damage to someone's property - or worse - causing someone's death or injury.

Builders Income Protection Insurance - Income protection for builders, also known as accident and illness insurance, will protect you against the financial risk of not being able to work and losing your income.

Builders Tool Insurance - Tool insurance for builders is absolutely vital if you value your tools. Tool insurance will cover the replacement cost of your tools if they are lost, stolen or damaged. Policies can vary in what they cover, so make sure you ask your builders insurance broker about your cover.

Builders Life Insurance - Life insurance for builders will protect you and/or your family from the devastating financial impact of your death or diagnosis of a terminal illness.

Many builders carry large debts due to the capital intensive nature of the business, so it's important to have these debts covered by life insurance rather than having them passed to your loved ones.

As you can see, builders insurance comes in all shapes and sizes, and the best way to find out which covers you need - and which ones you don't need - is to speak with a builders insurance broker.

To get your builders insurance quotes please complete our online quote request or contact form, and we will help you to protect yourself and your family today.

Builders Insurance Online

Getting your builders insurance was once a time consuming task. First you had to find a suitable broker, then you had to arrange an appointment at their office and take time out of your day, then you had to put up with the sometimes pushy salesman trying to push every type of insurance onto you.

Thankfully those days are over, and with buildersinsurance.com.au you can get your builders insurance quotes online without all the hassle.

Whatever type of builders insurance you need, our online site can help. Whether you just need a basic public liability policy or a full builders trade insurance package, the people and the technology behind buildersinsurance.com.au have got you covered.

To get your builders insurance online quotes simply follow the links, enter you information and we'll do the rest.

Tradesman Insurance

As well as builders, it is also important for tradesmen to have appropriate insurance protection in place.

Tradesmen need many of the same covers as builders, such as public liability insurance, income protection and tool insurance etc.

We can assist you with quotes on your tradesman insurance needs by referring you to a suitable insurance broker and/or financial adviser.

For more information on tradesman insurance please get in touch with us or request a quote.

What cover is available for builders?

Click on the links for a more detailed explanation of each cover.

Income Protection Income protection will pay you a monthly benefit while you are unable to work due to injury or illness
Business Expenses Business expense insurance will pay you a monthly benefit to cover fixed business expenses whilst you are unable to work due to injury or illness
Life Insurance Life insurance will pay you a lump sum upon your death or upon diagnosis of a terminal illness
TPD Insurance TPD insurance will pay you a lump sum upon becoming totally and permanently disabled
Trauma Insurance Trauma insurance will pay you a lump sum upon diagnosis of a specified trauma or critical illness
Public Liability Public liability insurance will cover you and your business in the event that you are sued
Tool Insurance Tool insurance will cover your tools if they are lost or stolen
Vehicle Insurance Commercial motor vehicle insurance will cover your vehicle for theft or damage

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What makes us better?

1. Lower Premiums

Our team will work hard to find the best deal on your insurance. If you can find a better deal elsewhere, we'll do our best to match it.

2. Less Hassle

Our online systems allow you to get your quotes faster and get your cover in place with the least amount of hassle.

3. Big & Strong

We only use strong and reputable insurers for your cover, giving you peace of mind knowing that you'll be looked after at claim time.

4. Expertise

We're the experts when it comes in insuring builders. It's what we do, and we do it well.

5. No Call Centres

You won't be dealing with a random person in a call centre each time you speak with us. Instead you will be assigned to a single adviser or broker (depending on your needs) who will look after you.

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