Handyman Insurance

Handymen fill an important role in Australia, undertaking building maintenance work and other odd jobs that do not require the services of a qualified builder. As with builders, handymen need to have certain types of insurance in place to protect themselves and their clients. In this guide we’ll take a closer look at these requirements. […]

Insurance for a Builder

Builders throughout Australia require a range of insurance policies to protect themselves, their businesses and their families. As a builder there are plenty of risks that you face every day. Many of these you can manage yourself, but others need to be protected against through insurance. Some of the most common forms of insurance for builders include […]

Insurance for Carpenters

One of the most common trades in the building industry is carpentry. Just as builders themselves need insurance, carpenters will also need cover in many cases. The forms of cover available for carpenters are very similar to other forms of builders insurance such as public liability and income protection. In this guide we will run through some […]

Tradesman Insurance

The building industry is made up primarily of tradesmen, many of whom are subcontractors and business owners. Many tradesmen are required to have insurance in order to obtain their licence or to get onto certain worksites. Trades insurance is not just a single form of insurance. Instead, the term relates to a range of insurance […]

Public Liability for Tradies

Whether you’re a fully licensed builder or just a tradie, public liability insurance is vital for protecting yourself and your business. Most tradies know that they need public liability insurance, but many don’t know why they need it or how it protects them. In today’s guide we will try to answer these questions. What is […]

Contract Works Insurance

Many builders will find themselves needing contract works insurance at some stage. Contract works insurance, also known as contract risk insurance, is a type of cover designed to cover builders for various risks relating to building contracts. Some of the risks covered by this form of insurance may include the following: Loss or damage to […]

Builders Insurance Victoria

There are a range of different types of insurance required by builders operating in Victoria. When considering builders insurance there are two different sides to look at, and the types of cover you require will generally come from both sides depending on the type of business you operate. On one side you have business insurance, which incorporates […]