Insurance for Carpenters

One of the most common trades in the building industry is carpentry.

Just as builders themselves need insurance, carpenters will also need cover in many cases.

The forms of cover available for carpenters are very similar to other forms of builders insurance such as public liability and income protection.

In this guide we will run through some of the requirements when it comes to carpenters insurance.

Carpenters Insurance

There are a number of different types of insurance available for carpenters, and each type will protect a carpenter, their business and their family in a different way.

Public Liability

Public liability is the most commonly required form of insurance for carpenters. It covers you for losses suffered by other people who suffer personal injury or property damage as a result of your work.

Many carpenters will find that public liability insurance is mandatory in order for them to enter a worksite, especially sites run by the larger building and constructions groups.

The cost of public liability is very reasonable for carpenters, and is actually cheaper for carpenters than for most other trades. A basic policy can start from as little as $450 per year, but it will change depending on the type of work you do and the size of your business.

Income Protection

Another common form of insurance for carpenters is income protection. This insurance can replace the majority of your income if you are unable to work for a period of time due to injury or illness.

As with public liability insurance, income protection will be mandatory for many self-employed and subcontractor carpenters working on sites run by the larger building groups.Tool Insurance

There are plenty of other types of insurance used by carpenters in the building industry, but the last of the main covers is tool insurance.

Tool insurance can cover the costs of replacing your tools if they are stolen or damaged. The specific covers varies greatly from one policy to the next, so you need to do your research when comparing policies.

Quotes for Carpenters

Most insurance brokers will be able to cater for carpenters in the building industry by providing quotes and service on public liability and tool insurance, whilst any financial adviser should be able to provide quotes on income protection.

Whilst any insurance adviser may be able to assist you, it is generally preferable to use a firm which specialises in cover for carpenters and tradesmen in general, as they know the industry and will know which policies are best for you.

To obtain a quote on your insurance please click on the quote button below or simply get in contact with us. We will refer you to an insurance adviser who specialises in the carpentry industry.