Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is designed to protect you against the financial impacts when things go wrong on the worksite.

The events covered by public liability include property damage and personal injury suffered by a third party.

Sometimes these incidents can be as minor as a few hundred dollars worth of damage to a building. For most builders this won’t be a problem and is perhaps a common occurrence. But what if the damage bill was in the thousands? Or even in the millions if you work on big commercial projects?

But even more damaging can be incidents that result in injury – or even death – to another person. If you have ever been involved in one of these cases you will know how huge the sums of money involved can be, not to mention the legal fees and time away from your business.

The consequences to you, your business and your family can be devastating.

Public liability insurance takes the worry away from you and places it in the insurers hands. And with cover available from $5 million to $20 million and above, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are safe from financial disaster.

Given the relatively small cost of builders public liability insurance, any builder without public liability insurance is being irresponsible not only to their customers, but also to their own families and staff.

Builder’s public liability cost

The cost of public liability insurance for a builder will depend on the type of work that you undertake and the responsibilities that you have.

If you are doing building work but are not the builder responsible for the whole project, then your premium will be lower than that for the licensed builder of the project.

Public liability insurance premiums can also vary greatly between the different insurance providers. It is important to use an insurance broker who understands the building and construction industry and can find the right policy for your needs as well as your budget.

To find out how inexpensive and easy to obtain builders public liability insurance can be for you, simply follow the links to obtain your online quote or be placed in contact with a qualified builders insurance broker.