Electrical Contractors Insurance

The building industry could not exist without electricians – not if we all still want power in our homes anyway!

As an electrical contractor there are various forms of insurance that you will require, both in terms of licensing and also being allowed onto the job site.

The requirements for electricians are fairly similar to builder’s insurance requirements, and in this guide we’ll run through all the information you need.

Licence Requirements

The insurance requirements for those holding an electrical contractors licence can differ slightly from state to state, but the main requirement is that you hold a minimum of $5 million public liability cover.

One major exception to this rule are electricians in Queensland, who are required to hold $5 million public liability as well as $50,000 cover for consumer protection insurance.

In order to apply for or renew your licence you will also need a certificate of currency. For most states the insurer-issued certificate will be fine, but in Queensland you need a special certificate approved by the state government.

Whichever certificate you require your insurance broker or adviser should be able to arrange it for you, although it’s best to ask upfront to ensure you’re not wasting your time or money with the wrong broker or insurer.

Worksite Requirements

In addition to the licence requirements, many self-employed electricians and subcontractors will also require insurance to enter certain worksites.

These requirements are put in place by the building and construction companies running the sites. Often they will make public liability and income protection mandatory for all self-employed workers and subbies.

You will also need a certificate of currency for this purpose, but generally there are no special requirements and a standard certificate will suffice.

Cover Explained

You can find out more information about public liability and income protection elsewhere on our website, but we will go through some brief information below.

Public liability will cover an electrician for property damage or personal injury that is caused to others through negligence.

Income protection will cover electricians if they cannot work for a period of time due to illness or injury.

Electrician Quotes

If you would like a quote on your electricians insurance needs please complete our online quote request or give us a call.

We have a network of insurance brokers and advisers around Australia, and they will be able to assist you with your questions as well as providing quotes and service.